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Liquid Roof EPDM Coating

Awarded Top 10 Product in 2009 by Metal Roofing Magazine

EPDM Coatings for Texas Roofs

Why is Liquid rubber the choice for Texas?

The Only Liquid EPDM in the World - EPDM Coating

One of the key factors in a roof coating’s demise is heat. And Texans are no strangers to high temperatures. The benefits of Liquid EPDM rubber vs. other roof coatings have made it the only choice for our customers in Texas. If you want to extend the life of an existing roof or have discovered that your roof is in dire need of repair look no further than this one coat system. In the past 25 years it has shown in the field to outperform elastomerics, urethanes and acrylics four times longer. When used on a roof, our standard LR99 reduces heat transfer to the interior of a building, trailer or vehicle. The air conditioning will work more efficiently, reducing maintenance and other costs.

The same benefit has been seen in buildings with pre-existing asphalt-based black roofs. The white coating reduces electricity costs during the summertime and the cost of maintaining the HVAC units. Also EPDM Coatings are resistant to temperatures exceeding 300 degrees.


Waterproofing is the number one reason we purchase a roof coating. What you might not be aware of is the fact that liquid epdm rubber will waterproof as soon as it is applied even while it is uncured. It is the only roof coatings that will withstand ponding water indefinitely. For those of us with a flat roof we know how important that is for us.

Rust Reduction

For metal applications where mild to medium rust is present there are no special primers needed. The same one coat application is sufficient. Another benefit of the EPDM is once applied it immediately stops the oxidization process as it creates an airtight seal. Throughout the years it has been used on rusty airport hangars, rusted storage tanks, metal roofs, trailers, metal houses, free-standing garages and carports are just a few of the items that can be protected from rust, usually with a single coating.

Sound Reduction with EPDM Coatings

When applied to some roofs, there is a significant reduction in sound. The noise reduction is also noticed when the EPDM Coatings applied to metal roofs. It is particularly popular among RV and trailer owners for muffling the sound of pouring rain.

Long Lasting

Imagine a roof coating that will last 15, 18 even 20 years with a one coat application. EPDM rubber has been proved to outlast other roof coatings three times. EPDM does not crack peal or flake like other coatings over time. Its ability to weather any climate and still perform like it did when first applied has made it so successful. Other products require an application every 5 or 6 years not the case with Liquid Rubber.

Easy to Apply

Take a look at our videos and read our customer reviews. You will see just how easy it is to apply the product. There is no need to call a roofer as you will see from the videos. Just follow the steps laid out in the instructions and you will be amazed the amount of money you will save. EPDM Coatings are not just the most superior performing products but they are a very affordable alternative to roof replacement. The coating not just seals leaks but it essentially provides a new roof over your existing for a fraction of the cost. As the product sets up you will notice tiny air pockets coming to the surface. This is the air being forced to the surface and what you have left is an airtight seal between your current roof and the new liquid epdm rubber. Other roof coatings will leave air trapped and unfortunately the reason why other roof coatings crack or peal after a few years.